Starting Genymotion and VirtualBox Devices From Terminal

Genymotion is a very nice tool for emulating Android devices. Generally to start a device, you can open genymotion and double-click the device you want to start. But if you dont want to mess with genymotion app and start device directly, you can do it simply like this.

Open a terminal, and give this command to list VirtualBox devices:

VBoxManage list vms

Copy the device name and run with this command:

player –vm-name DEVICE_NAME

Thats it. If you get an error like “No command ‘player’ found”, this means you installed genymotion elsewhere. Find the folder genymotion installed(like /home/user/genymotion), there must be a file called “player”. So your new command is:

/home/user/genymotion/player –vm-name DEVICE_NAME.

Also you can open the device without genymotion tools(directly from VirtualBox and you can open any device, not only android devices).:

VBoxManage startvm gui DEVICE_NAME


After that, you can create a desktop file that launches the device. File contents should look like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Android 5.1 Emulator
Exec=player –vm-name DEVICE_NAME
Comment=Run Android Device Directly

and save it as Android_Device.desktop. Right-click to file, click Properties, go to Permissions tab and thick Allow executing file as program. Now you can run your device from this file. Also you can copy this file to /home/USER/.local/share/applications, from then this device will be shown in your programs menu.

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