FocalTech Touchpad(Asus Touchpads) Drivers for Ubuntu and Derivatives

If you have an asus laptop and your touchpad is not working, the fix is probably here. AFAIK, asus laptops uses focaltech touchpads and they are not supported in linux. To get 2-finger scrolling, pinch zoom like fatures you need to install drivers. Open a terminal and type:

xinput list

If you see something called “PS/2 FocalTech FocalTech Touchpad” (probably says it’s in emulation mode) this driver is what you need but it only works with kernel 3.19(as the author says), to see what kernel are you using type:

uname -r

If the output starts with 3.19 you can feel free to install this driver, to install just add the ppa and install the package:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hanipouspilot/focaltech-dkms
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install focaltech-dkms

and just reboot your computer. If you dont want to reboot, restart the psmouse:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse
sudo modprobe psmouse

Now, everthing must work fine, 2-finger scrolling, pinch zoom etc. To check other features check mouse settings in system settings.

3 thoughts to “FocalTech Touchpad(Asus Touchpads) Drivers for Ubuntu and Derivatives”

    1. Sorry for the late response. Are you using linux kernel 3.19? Otherwise it’ll make problems. And I suggest you to upgrade at least linux kernel 4, it automatically recognizes Asus touchpads.

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