Month: September 2015

How To Install FirefoxOS Simulator and Write Your First App for FirefoxOS (Quick Guide)

Just go this page, and install the ADB Helper by clicking Install ADB Helper. After that open WebIDE from Tools->Web Developer->WebIDE. Click Select Runtime from top right. Under the SIMULATORS section, you’ll see Install Simulator option, just click that. In this window, you can see available simulators, install the version you want. After installing the…

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Configuring Intel Galileo Gen 2 in Linux

Firstly, you need to download latest IDE from here. Download the file named Linux-32bit or Linux-64bit which is appropriate for your system. Before start using IDE, you must disable modemmanager. Find modemmanager in your distros package manager and remove it, for Ubuntu: sudo apt-get remove modemmanager Then connect the Galileo to power and wait till…

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